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Ceilings IFR/MVFR (WX Channel)   (Alt link if image broken)
US Radar + Satellite (AccuWx)   Loop
Interactive METAR & TAF (NOAA)
Real time radar (ADDS)
Lightning (AccuWx)
Icing (ADDS)
Prog Charts (ADDS)

Weather Briefing

Flight Path Tool (ADDS)
Flight Path Tool start page begin here for instructions
Flight Path Java Tool (ADDS) direct link for knowledgeable users

Airmets & Sigmets
Airmets Java Tool (ADDS)
Graphic Airmets - Interactive (ADDS)
Graphic Airmets - Static for iPad (ADDS)

Current Surface (wx channel)
IFR/MVFR cond.(wx channel)

Radar, Lightning & Thunderstorms
Web Site Colo. U.S.
Intellicast CO Start US Start
ADDS radar (free and realtime)
Lightning strikes (
Lightning strikes (Visalia Lightning Explorer)
Thunderstorm probability (wx channel) (fairly general)
Lifted Index (NOAA) (thunderstorm probability)
Convective Java Tool (ADDS) (predicts TRW movement)

Current Weather
METAR Java Tool (ADDS)
Text METAR's (ADDS) (including 24 hours of history/trends)

PIREP Java Tool (ADDS)
PIREP graphics (ADDS)

Forecast Weather
TAF Java Tool (ADDS)
Graphic TAF maps (ADDS) (click an area of the "Plotted TAFs" map)

Area Forecasts, text (NOAA)
Area Forecast, Salt Lake City/Colo. (NOAA)

Winds Aloft, graphic maps (ADDS)
Winds Aloft, text (NOAA)

Prog Charts (ADDS)
Prog Charts (AOPA)

Winter Weather
CIP/FIP (ADDS) Current/Forecast Icing Potential
ADDS Icing home page
Flight Path Java Tool (ADDS) direct link for knowledgeable users
Flight Path Tool start page begin here if new to flight path tool

Snowfall Forecast (wx channel)
Current Snow Cover (wx channel)
Snow Quality (wx channel)

NOTAMS & Temporary Flight Restrictions
VIP Movement TFR's (AOPA)
FAA graphical TFR's

DUAT Briefing

Enflight color coded duats
CSC DUAT (formerly DynCorp/GTE)


Canadian Weather
Nav Canada weather page
Nav Canada home page

Free WX home pages
Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)
National Center for Atmospheric Research RAP Real-Time Wx Data
NOAA standard weather briefing
The Weather Channel (

Subscription WX home pages
AOPA - must be an AOPA member
Enflight color coded duats
WeatherTap - no delay radar ($6.95/mo) Formerly

Pages of more wx links
University of Michigan (300 links!)
Landings wx links
AvWeb links

FAA prog charts (NOAA)
Skew-T charts, interactive
Skew-T charts, simple version for iPad, etc.
Skew-T charts, Loops for individual stations, iPad-friendly
GOES Satellite Icing Images (NOAA)

Weather symbols (ADDS)
Definition of VFR/MVFR/IFR (ADDS)

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 = Looping Image Only
 = Help/More Info.

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