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About Ron Zasadzinski

The Present: Flying

Ron Zasadzinski is a self-employed professional flight instructor whose passion is teaching. Ron has more than 7200 hours of flying time, including more than 6500 hours dual given and more than 500 hours of tailwheel time.

Ron trains pilots of all ability levels for all single-engine and multi-engine ratings including:
Private Pilot
Recreational Pilot
Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot
Certified Flight Instructor
Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII)

Ron can also sign off the following endorsements:
Flight Review (BFR)
WINGS program (which counts as a flight review)
Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)
Tailwheel Aircraft
Complex Aircraft (retractable gear)
High Performance Aircraft (greater than 200 HP)

Ron enjoys teaching in tailwheel aircraft, and has time in more than a dozen different models of taildraggers. Ron has guided several students through their private pilot license from start to finish entirely in a tailwheel aircraft.

Ron particularly loves to teach in Beech Bonanzas and Barons. He has time in BE33, BE35, BE36, BE55 and BE58 models and actively instructs across the United States with the American Bonanza Society (ABS) at their Bonanza Pilot Proficiency Programs (BPPP) as both a ground and flight instructor. In September 2000, Ron was elected to the BPPP, Inc. board of directors. Ron also writes occasional articles for the American Bonanza Society magazine regarding Bonanza and Baron safety, aviation weather, and GPS.

Another organization Ron works with is the Colorado Pilot's Association. He has taught portions of their Mountain Flying ground school programs around Colorado and is one of their mountain flight instructors.

Ron's Non-Flying Present

Exclusively a full time flight instructor from 1993 to 2000, Ron now operates a web development company, CodeGeek.net, Inc.

Ron's software projects focus on using Adobe/Macromedia Flash as a data interface tool. His company creates custom web sites, web applications, and office software for small and medium sized businesses. Check out the web site for Ron's computer consulting company www.CodeGeek.net.

The Past: Physics and More

Ron has a Physics Degree from Harvey Mudd College, one of the most competitve science and engineering schools in the country. After graduating with distinction, Ron worked for the Department of Energy at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a nuclear physicist until 1993. While at LLNL, Ron completed his flight instructor training, taught several students on the side and ran a seven-aircraft, 100-member flying club. Discovering that teaching was his passion, Ron moved to Colorado in 1993 at which time he began flight-instructing full time.

Ron's background in physics and ability to explain difficult concepts gives him an uncommonly strong foundation from which to approach the physics of flight, one of his favorite topics. If you have an interest in aerodynamics, Ron is the perfect instructor to address your questions.

Ron learned to fly in Los Angeles while attending a highly specialized flight school at Harvey Mudd College. Having earned both his private pilot certificate and instrument rating in the most complex and congested airspace in the world, Ron has a particular love for training in high-density airspace. If you have any hesitation about flying into a control-towered airport, class C or class B airspace, Ron would love to help you hone your radio communication skills.

If you are looking for quality instruction and the experience to back it, contact Ron Zasadzinski today to create a training program to meet your desires. Use this link to review information about Ron's rates and policies.