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IFR pre-approach checklist (3k)

IFR Pre-takeoff Instrument Checks (7k)

IFR Clearance Form (9k)
(thanks to CFI Theo Kalman for bringing this form to my attention)

IFR Radio Communications Ideas (15k)

NDB techniques for IFR (5k)

IFR FAR's for review purposes (5k)

IFR Oral Review Outline for checkride prep (5k)


FAR review list for Flight Review (BFR) (6k)

VFR Radio Communication services (6k)
This is a very basic description of who to call for VFR services of all sorts.

FAA Forms

ASRS reporting form (38k)
Keep one in your flight bag!

8710 Interactive PDF form (440k)
you can download and fill out this form right on your computer!
(application form for pilot certificates and ratings)

Practical Test Standards (PTS)
Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP) Forms

BPPP Brochure (2035k)

BPPP Clinic Description (25k)

BPPP CFI History Form (30k)


Vulnerability Assessment of the Transportation Infrastructure Relying on the Global Positioning System, August 29, 2001 (467k)

Federal Radionavigation Plan 2001 (763k)
Schedules for VOR phaseout, GPS enhancement (WAAS, LASS)

A Safe Pilot is Always Learning

Exceptional Flight Training
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