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GPS Training

Looking for quality GPS training? I can provide it.

I have many years experience with most IFR approved GPS equipment including: Garmin 1000, Garmin 480, Garmin 430/530, Bendix/King KLN94, 90B, 89B, Apollo GX Series, Apollo 2001.

If you own one of these devices, you already know that there is a lot more to using them in the real world than being able to pull up an approach and activate it. To be truly proficient at flying an IFR GPS, you must be able to: create and edit flight plans fluently, know when OBS mode is required, and when to use it to your maximum advantage (how do you set up an airway?), know how to switch quickly from a vectors-to-final approach back to the full approach (have you tried that one lately?), know how to activate a different leg of an approach than the one you were heading to before ATC gave you that new vector (I don't mean going direct-to the next waypoint. Do you know when that is the right thing to do and when it isn't?), knowing how to sequence into the missed approach procedure for both direct-to and course-guidance missed approach procedures, how to set up both published and unpublished holding patterns, and how to load DP's and STAR's.

These skills will allow you to exemplify grace under pressure when ATC changes the plan *again*, when you are battling the weather, or when you are flying a missed approach procedure for real. You don't want to be battling your GPS too!

Once you have mastered those essentials, I can give you advanced skills including using your GPS to maximum efficiency as a partial panel tool, and using your GPS effectively with your autopilot.

If you'd like to work with me on honing your GPS skills, please call. If you can fly to Colorado we could include some Mountain Flight Training as well. If you can't get to Colorado, I travel all over the country teaching with the Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program and we can arrange to fly together before or after a regularly scheduled clinic. (If you are a Bonanza, Baron or Duke pilot, I strongly encourage you to attend the BPPP as well.)

In addition to providing organized initial and recurrent GPS training, I can assist you with many other devices. I have used most Multi Function Displays (MFD's) including the Apollo MX-20, Bendix/King 250/550/850 series, and some Avidyne MFD's. I also have some experience with most available datalink weather equipment including Garmin 1000, Garmin 430/530 Satellite WX module, Bendix/King in-flight weather on the 250/550/850 MFD. Also familiar with operation of BF Goodrich Skywatch TCAD, Stormscope/Strikefinder integration, and terrain/EGPWS modules that are available for the above MFD's.

Contact me today to discuss creating a program of the right length to match your needs and prior experience.

A Safe Pilot is Always Learning

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Fort Collins, Colorado

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